How We Make Your Pet Portraits

Pet photography is usually a lot of fun. Dogs, cats and our other 4-legged friends make very candid and animated subjects. A little food and patience usually makes the whole process easy. Here are the steps to get your pet portraits:

  1. Schedule an initial consultation via the telephone or in person. This will be a discussion of what you want- style of image, special needs, concerns discussed- number of pets, pets and people, etc.
  2. Set a date and time for the shoot. I work only on location, so I'll come to wherever your pets are.
  3. The photo shoot allows for a one-hour session. The sitting fee will be due on or before the time of photo shoot.
  4. A "contact proof sheet" of your photo shoot is posted on the web after my initial edit (usually within 2-3 days). After you're notified, this proof sheet remains on the web for 2 weeks.
  5. Schedule a second meeting/consultation about the final image(s) you are interested in having enlarged or made into greeting cards, etc. Digital and other options such as archival spray finishes, print surfaces, etc. are discussed. The cost of your order will be due up front.
  6. You are notified when the prints (or cards, etc.) are ready. Arrangements are then made for you to pick them up or for me to drop them off or mail them to you.

That's how it works. I strive for great customer satisfaction.